Halong Bay most visited (part 1)


Ha Long City – a dynamic young city, creative, is one of the leading tourist center of Vietnam. With beautiful legends of the Heritage – Natural wonders of Halong Bay, the modern, luxurious and delicate of entertainment complexes, resorts and high-class resorts are right on the bay. Halong Bay has become an attractive destination regional and international. In this article we have gathered a list of hot spots that you should never miss once you visit Halong Bay.

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Trong Mai islet

Trong Mai islet is located in routes 1and5, about 5km from Tuan Chau International Marina, including two small rocks with a height of 12m facing each other. They look like a chicken couple: one cock and one hen. Amidst the romantic natural landscape, the couple heads their beaks toward each other like being flirting regardless of time. The legend has it that: “Once upon a time, when Viet people started to establish the country, after helping Viet people to fight against invaders, the Dragon Mother and her Children didn’t come back to the heaven but stayed on the earth. Waiting too long for the coming back of Dragons, the Jade Emperor sent down a couple of cocks to the earth to wake dragons up and come back to the heaven but he mistook to send down a hen and a cock. Finding this place charming, they were busy flirting each other, forgot their mission and turned into rocks”.

As the boat slowly passes by, Trong Mai islet suddenly changes into the image of a giant fish swimming in the vast sea. That is Ha Long! It attracts tourists not only by a majestic system of caves or white sandy beaches but also by the transformation of landscape depending on the change in perspective of sightseers.

Trong Mai islet has been selected as the symbol of Halong Bay tourism and was chosen as the symbol of Vietnam’s tourism in 2000. Trong Mai islet has become endless inspiration for art creators. Those visiting Ha Long bay never seem to miss the chance to take beautiful pictures here.

Cua Van floating village Ha Long Tourism

Cua Van Area

Cua Van area is a destination in route 3, about 20km from Tuan Chau International Marina to the Southeast and about 16 km from Cat Ba island – Hai Phong to the East. This area is surrounded by natural limestone islands; adjacent areas have many channels. It is an ideal location for boats to dock, anchor, and shelter from storms with safe and convenient traffic. Before, Cua Van area wasthe place where many fishermen lived. Since 2014, with the attention of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee, fishermen have been help to move to the mainland to assure social security conditions.

Coming to Cua Van area, you will visit Cua Van Floating Cutural Center, one of the most attractive destinations in Ha Long bay for domestic and international tourists. Aswhen you come here, through displayed images and artifactsat the Center, you can see a panorama of the daily life, cultural beauty as well as customs and habits imbued with sea features of a fishermen community living on the bay and at the new resettlement area in the mainland of Ha Phong ward, Ha Long city.

Cua Van Floating Cultural Center is one of 12 phases of Ha Long Ecological Museum project. The center construction was sponsored by Norwegian government, commencing from August 2003, inaugurated and put into operation since May 19, 2006. Cua Van Floating Cultural Center is the place to display, introduce documents, artifactsand images of tangible and intangible heritages of Ha Long fishermen before and after moving to the mainland. It is also the place where performance activities are organized and intangible cultural forms such as “giao duyen” singing, chanteys and traditional weddings are “put into stage” to serve tourists. Traditional handicrafts and methods of earning for living of fishermen in Ha Long bay are also introduced here. This is also a place where documentary filmsand reportings about the progress of management, conservation and promotion of values of the Heritage, cultures, customs, habits and daily life of fishermen in Ha Long bay then and now are shown. Coming here, you will have chances to watch fishermen making fishing gears,experience the life as a fisherman, row bamboo boats, go kayaking and visit aquaculture zones of fishermen.

Sung Sot cave via tourism forum

Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave is located in Bo Hon island, about 14 km from Tuan Chau International Marina to the Southeast. It is 20m above the sea level. This is the largest typical karst cave discovered in Halong Bay with high geological value. Deep inside the cave are shimmering and fanciful stalactites and stalagmites in countless strange and special shapes in a dream-like world. All tourists passionately watch stalactites and stalagmitesandwillget surprise in the whole journey of visiting the cave. This is probably the reason why the cave is called “Sung Sot – Surprising”.

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