Halong Bay most visited (part 2)


Halong City – a dynamic young city, creative, is one of the leading tourist center of Vietnam. With beautiful legends of the Heritage – Natural wonders of Halong Bay, the modern, luxurious and delicate of entertainment complexes, resorts and high-class resorts are right on the bay. Halong Bay has become an attractive destination regional and international. In this article we have gathered a list of hot spots that you should never miss once you visit Halong Bay.

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Dau Be island

Dau Be island is located in the Southeast of Ha Long bay, about 24 km from Tuan Chau International Marina. The island has an area of 22,863m2 with the highest peak of 139m. The vegetation system on the island mainly consists of shrubs such as ferns, cordylines, orchids, etc. This is home to golden monkeys, birds, bats, etc. Inside Dau Be island, there are 6 lakes,of which the most famous is Ba Ham lake. Amidst the quiet space surrounded by steep walls, only sound of paddling can be heard. Ba Ham lake is one of beautiful sceneries of Ha Long bay that you cannot miss when visiting Dau Be Island.

Xep islet

Coordinates: Longitude: 107016’10,01” E, latitude: 20051’11,77”N.
Xep islet is in route 4, about 30km from Tuan Chau International Marina to the Southeast. Xep islet is in the heart of Xet Islet park. This is a comprehensive architectural block including many large and square blocks of stone “overlapping” into distinct rows and layers. It is 21m tall and looks like an Egyptian pyramid standing up in the quiet space.

Dau Be island via Catba resorts

Bo Hon island

Bo Hon island is about 20km from Tuan Chau International Marina. The island covers an area of 3,8km2 with the peak of 189m. Bo Hon islandhas an important location in routes of Ha Long because this island is not only picturesque but also one of the biggest islands in Ha Long bay gathering many famous caves as: Sung Sot cave, Luon cave, Ho Dong Tien cave, Trinh Nu cave and Trong cave. It is also home to many endemic plants of Ha Long such as: Chinese banyans, Sago palms, orchids, etc. Visiting Bo Hon island, you will have a chance to see fascinating and unique caves and admire the vitality of plants in this place, which will bring you unforgettable experience.

Cong Do island

Coordinates: Longitude: 1070 11’39” E, Latitude: 200 52′ 42” N.
Cong Do island, 24km from Tuan Chau International Marina, is one of places with developing coral reef ecosystem. The coral reef’s length is more than 700m whileits width is nearly 300m. According to the latest survey and assessment in 2015, Cong Do is one of places with the highest coral coverage in Ha Long bay with over 30%, most of which are hard corals. The high coral coverage brings the abundant number of flora and fauna in the reef. Some species with high nutritious and economic value are snout otter clams, scallops, garrupas, groupers, pearls, prawns, etc.

Hang Trai island

Coordinates: Longitude: 107007’04” E, Latitude: 20046’48” N.
Hang Trai island is located in the East of Cat Ba island, about 24km from Tuan Chau International Marina. It is the largest group of islands in comparison with other islands. This area has a high biodiversity value. Some activities of visiting the tropical evergreen forest and typical plant species of Halong Bay can be organized here.

Ngon Tay islet via Halong cruise

Muoi Nam islet

Coordinates: Longitude: 107001’53” E, latitude: 20051’51” N
Muoi Nam islet (Ngon tay islet) is in routes 1 and 5 in Ha Long bay, about 8 km from Tuan Chau International Marina. The islet looks like a thumb up to the sky; that is the reason why it is called “Ngon Tay” (meaning “Finger” in English). It can be said that each limestone islet in Halong Bay, whether it is big or small, evokes the imaginationand brings visitors interesting surprises. This is also a good place to take beautiful photos.

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